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Nutrition Counseling
Weight Management Program
Food Safety Workshop
Osterized Feeding Guide
Dietary Computation
Menu Planning
Nutrition Counseling

Educational Nutrition/Diet Coaching for Disease-Specific Diets or Progressive, Consistency and Nutrient-Specific Diets.

Weight Management Program

Managing your weight to gain or loss pounds to achieve you desirable body weight and a life that is healthier and livelier.

Food Safety Workshop

A workshop to proper food handling and serving foods that is safe and free from contaminants, nutritious and in standardized quality.


  • 1. Service/Product Request Form

    You have to submit the Service/Product Request Form to determine what service, product or package you want. It is same with the order invoice that will instruct you on how to order our product or avail our service and on how you will pay us.

  • 2. Initial Assessment

    Initial Assessment is essential for us to determine and to design your PERSONALIZED DIET PLAN or Presciption that can work best for you. This assessment includes but not limited to Anthropometric Assessment, Physique Aspect, Biochemical or Laboratory Analysis, and Dietary Asssessment as part of a Complete Nutrition Care Process that will evaluate and determine your current Nutritional Status and Nutrition Care Needs.

  • 3. Dietary Prescription and Intervention

    This is the personalized diet plan and dietary management goal setting that fit for your current Nutritional Status. This can't be use by any other person or distribute to gain personal interest since the diet is design just for you. Any misuse can lead to violation of the terms and condition agreed between the parties involved.

  • 4. Evaluation and Monitoring

    We don't just let you KNOW your health but we also HELP you LIVE WITH MEANS. We don't just offer you information but we offer a BEHAVIORAL LIFESTYLE CHANGE that will help you understand and do the healhty things to live a life that is happier and livelier. So we don't stop in intervention BUT we extend our service through evaluationg and continuous monitoring as needed.


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    My will to provide Quality Nutrition Care for everyone.

    The CEO and Content Creator in www.mizdee.com - the Nutrition Blog and Founder of MD Exclusive Online Nutrition Consultation and Education. more.


    CEO and Founder

    The CEO and Content Creator in www.mizdee.com - the Nutrition Blog. It mainly discuss anything about Food and Nutrition and the current event and interviews done. It's a professional blog and also an E-magazine for Health and Nutrition.

    She is also the Founder of MD Exclusive - an online coaching and educational courses about Nutrition and Food that its main objective is to spread awareness and give value to the power of Good Nutrition to attain and maintain Opitimal Health Well being.

    You can visit her social media accounts and contact information to get in touch with her.

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